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Albumin: Structure, Biosynthesis, Function: Federation of European Biochemical Societies 11Th Meeting Copenhagen 1977

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Albumin: Structure, Biosynthesis, Function is a collection of papers from the 11th meeting of the Federation of European Biochemical Societies in Copenhagen in 1977.
The book starts with a review of the structure and evolution of serum albumin, the amino acid sequence, and the structure and conformation of albumin. One paper then explains the biosynthesis of proalbumin and the mechanism of its conversion to albumin. Another paper discusses the secretory process of albumin and of other export proteins, which are as follows: synthesis, segregation, intracellular migration, concentration, and discharge to the circulation. The text then presents the generalized binding model, a new method of analysis, in free fatty acid binding to albumin.
The book also explains the role of albumin in free fatty acid utilization by the tissues. One paper then describes the property of serum albumin — that it has the ability to bind several different substances of various chemical structures, such as fatty acids, bilirubin, and various exogenous compounds or drugs. The paper then notes the drug interactions resulting from these binding actions of the different compounds.
The text will prove a handy reference for the microbiologists, cellular biologists, and researchers in organic chemistry.

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