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Straight Talk About Addiction

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Straight Talk About Addiction discusses the following topic areas:
Mind-altering Substances: alcohol and the other drugs that people tend to abuse or become addicted to. These mind-altering substances can activate abuse and addiction. I want you to know what these substances are, how they work, and why they can be dangerous.
Addictive Risk Factors: explains why some people are at high-risk of abusing, and getting addicted to mind-altering substances. I want you to know what sets people up for abuse and addiction and how you can recognize if you or someone you love is at high-risk.
Substance Abuse and Addiction: describes the symptoms of both abuse and addiction. This part of the book shows how using potentially addictive substances can lead to heavy use, abuse, and addiction. Addiction can develop slowly and go unnoticed in the lives of many people. So this book also explains how to objectively evaluate your own alcohol and drug use to see if you have a substance abuse or addiction problem.
Recovery: describes what recovery from addiction looks like. If briefly describes the nature of addiction and then describes the best practices that many of the most effective treatment programs in the United States tend to follow.

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