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Guardians of the Dao

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Two American assassins are on the run. Desperate to disappear into another country, they contact an old friend and get hired in Singapore. They agree to work for a group comprised of a combination of police, criminals, and even government officials, to protect and collect the massive hidden money of the ‘Dao’. This organization hides in plain view, much like the old Mafia in the United States. The people of the Dao do not care about crimes, prostitution, drugs, or any other illegal activity. They only want their share of all of the profits. They do not provide protection, and promise you nothing. You pay… They leave.
Never knowing who they can trust, the two blindly follow orders and travel all around Asia using whatever weapons or wit that it takes to complete their tasks. They soon realize that not all is as it seems when their boss is really just training them to pull the ultimate job… to rob the Dao itself.

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