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How to Get Jobs in Microcomputing

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How to Get Jobs in Microcomputing provides a guide to getting jobs in microcomputing and an insight into the role and function of microcomputing.
The book starts by giving a background and history of microcomputing, discussing the types of available jobs, together with the useful and necessary skills for success in the microcomputer industry, and describing the types of people working within microcomputing. The text tackles steps that should be followed in getting a job in microcomputing; sources of information in the job search; and promotion and career prospects. Methods of keeping up-to-date and the future of jobs within microcomputing are also considered. The book concludes by providing appendices and computer weekly publications for the readers’ reference.
Those currently engaged within mainframe or minicomputing and who wish to learn more about careers within microcomputing, especially, computer engineers, will find the book useful.

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