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The Grand Ascent: The Ascendancy Trilogy, #3

347 pages9 hours


Thanks to Taryn, humanity has joined the galactic Alliance, and is ready to face a war with the Ascendancy.

But the first battle ends in disaster, and the human fleet falls under enemy control. Taryn is crushed, and after the bitter defeat, Amharr becomes desperate to prove himself. So he removes his greatest weakness: he sends Taryn away.

Banished and rejected, and with her dream of a peaceful galaxy slipping away, Taryn goes straight for the Raimerians. She risks everything to get to them, even her friends and the future she fought for.

By the time her struggle and Amharr's converge, there's no turning back from the paths they're on. Both will fight to the end, even if victory will cost them more than either can bear.

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