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The Spiritual Muscle of the Eye's Imagination

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The Seer is not just something from long past, there are seers who are active in the world today. If you are a person with this gift, or you know someone who is, or perhaps you are seeking to understand the operation of this gift, then you have to understand how a seer thinks and operates and what are the characteristics and personality of a seer.
There are three words for a prophet in the Hebrew. The most common one is the Nabi which is translated as “prophet” and they perceive the message from God primarily in verbal forms. There are also two words that are translated as “seer”, Ro’eh and Chozeh. While chozeh is translated “seer” what is “seen” is a message, a word or revelation and describes what the Nabi does. When the prophets in the Old Testament received a visual image from God, they always used the word ra’ah. Only two of the prophets in the Old Testament are named as Ro’eh, but many of the Nabi prophets also functioned as Ro’eh seers.
All seers are prophets, but not all prophets are seers. Many prophets (the Nabi) perceive the word of God in a spontaneous, bubbling forth flow that starts out in the womb of their belly and begins to fill them up until it flows out of their mouths, and they speak the utterance. Seers, however, perceive the message of God with their inner eye, the spiritual analog of the natural eye.

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