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The Bell Hollow Road Ax Murders

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This story goes back to the early nineteenth century in a small town called Willow Oaks. Abraham and his family owned the majority of Willow Oaks farm land until a shrewd business man by the name of Jasper bought a small patch of land near Abraham's farm. It wasn't long before jealousy set in and being that Jasper was a smart man and Abraham wasn't he used it to his advantage to swindle Abraham out of the majority of his land but when Abraham didn't receive the money promised to him by Jasper he threatened to kill him. Instead of Jasper making good on his promise and pay the money that was owed to Abraham he decided to shut Abraham up for good.
The following morning Jasper went to the hardware store to purchase an ax thinking that would solve everything and being that it was a small town nobody would ever find out he did the dirty deed. Around mid-afternoon Jasper saddled his horse up and rode to Abraham's farm house to tell him he would have his money by morning, but he knew very well he didn't have the money to pay him for the land. Being that Abraham trusted everyone he believed the lies that Jasper fed him and trusted the money would be in his hands by morning. The only reason Jasper rode out to his farm wasn't about reassuring Abraham he would get his money but to case out his house and property so when nightfall came he would come back with his ax and finish off his family.

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