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Let's Scare Sarah to Death

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Sarah Jackson was about five feet four inches tall with dark brown hair and freckles. She was getting picked on because she had a hard time speaking clear and loud enough for anyone to hear her.
Anytime she tried out for the school team, she always finished last and was laughed at by her teammates. Sarah really wanted to be popular, but some of the classmates at school didn’t want to hang with her and didn’t care if anything bad happened to her.
As Halloween was just weeks away, Dan, Karen and Susan, who were the most popular in school, had a plan to see how far they could take scaring Sarah without bringing any harm to her, but as always, things can get out of hand and cause harm. And when that happens, it’s too late and the damage is done.
Karen called Sarah on the phone and invited her to join her, Dan and Susan to a haunted attraction, and Sarah didn’t really want to go because she was afraid of all things scary, but her will to be popular an accepted by these popular classmates was more important than anything at this moment.
Sarah met up with them at the Haunted Woods attraction and Karen, Susan and Dan were ready to see how Sarah would react at this haunted attraction, to give them some kind of idea how easily Sarah could be scared.
Sarah tried her best to keep her fright inside, but she weakened just minutes into the attraction and asked Karen and her friends to go through the rest of the haunted woods without her. They just laughed and called her chicken.
Karen looked at Sarah and said, “If you want to hang with us anymore you better just suck it up and get through it or we’ll tell the whole school how chicken you are.”
Sarah swallowed the huge lump in her throat and held back the fright and said, “Please don’t, I won’t leave—I’ll get through it, you’ll see!”

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