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The Son of Dracula and the Blood Countess

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Nestled upon a mountain top in 1590, what the villagers called the Castle of Death was the castle of Drac Von Stoller. Drac, being a blood lover, met a countess by the name of Erzsebet Bathroy, who would be later known as The Blood Countess who killed 640, that he took a liking to. At one of his costume parties, instead of just entering her room at the dead of night and biting her on the neck then transforming into a bat to fly out her window into the night, looking for another victim, the two made passionate love together, and the result of that encounter led to an offspring that would carry on the tradition of his father. But it could have ended there on the spot, but Erzsebet was spared her life because while they were making love the bedroom door burst open and there standing at the doorway was none other than Van Helsing with a wooden stake and hammer. He held up a cross as he got closer to the bed and pressed the cross on Drac’s forehead, burning his flesh, causing Drac to fall back on the bed and enough time for Van Helsing to drive a stake into Drac Von Stoller’s heart, ending the bloody rampage for years in his castle of death, or so Van Helsing thought. Little did Van Helsing know that Erzsebet Bathory was carrying Drac Von Stoller’s baby and she was bitten on the neck when they were making passionate love together which would ultimately change her life from that day forward.

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