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A Toast to Death

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Anytime that Henry made a toast at his parties in his castle someone died and you would think Henry would not host any more parties but he did and didn't care because he wanted it that way. Henry got a kick out of someone dying in his presence because it made him feel like a god but kept his feelings to himself to not raise suspicion on himself. No one ever suspected Henry because he was such a likable person and his parties were to die for, literally.
Henry was really clever when he made his move to put poison in any of his guest’s drinks. Henry had a ring on his finger that had a container under the bezel of his ring that held just enough poison to take down any man in a matter of seconds. What made it even better for Henry was that he was the town's doctor and they all trusted him with their lives and whatever diagnosis he told them that caused their loved ones death they didn't question it even though they should have.

After a while Henry started getting bored at just poisoning them so he decided to stop poisoning them because there were already plenty of dead bodies in the cemetery to experiment with and be able to live out his sick fantasy of being his favorite doctor that was a fictional character in the movie Frankenstein. Off Henry went to the cemetery to dig up some bodies and swap out their body parts with other dead bodies and see what his masterpieces looked like. Henry would cook himself a steak on the stove and cut up the pieces of meat and place the pieces of meat on the upper torso of the dead body lying on the cold slab in his laboratory and dig in adding some flesh along with it. Henry was a very disturbed man who was not in touch with reality by all means of the word.

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