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The Horror Within

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Jasper Davis was the most hated man in town and didn’t give a damn what anyone thought of him and he didn’t hesitate in starting a fight which the townspeople were too scared to cross him because of the horror within that he possessed.
Elections were around the corner for a new mayor.
“There’s not one better person to run this town than me, so I will run and win by a landslide,” laughed Jasper.
Jasper went door to door, but most doors were slammed in his face, but with regret, because he would kick the door down and tell them, “If you don’t vote for me, there will be hell to pay! I will burn your house to the ground and that’s a promise!”
As Jasper was doing his campaign house to house, a man yelled across the street, “I’m not afraid of you, Jasper Davis, you low life piece of crap!”
Jasper turned around, boiling inside like an erupting volcano and shouted, “You’ll regret what you just sad.”
Jasper marched across the neighbor’s yard and picked up a campaign sign out of the ground, walked up to the man that made threats and drove the wooden stake through his chest that was still attached to the sign. The man collapsed to the ground dead, and Jasper spat on him and said, “I guess this means you won’t be able to vote for me at the election?”

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