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Lover Boy

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In this vast world of poetry and its understanding, which is a great treasure to be own in whatever style it has formed it's always something beautiful. What if it can be inspirational ?
Well, from the creative heart of Penric Gamhra comes this well breed piece of 40 classical verses that tells an adventurous story about what it takes to love, break-up and love again.
This book surely takes you on a thoughtful journey, through the high hills of the mountain, the leveled depth of the valley and slowly rest you by the fountain to drink a reviving dew.
Mr lover boy stay home peacefully in the lone cold times,(winter season) then as heavenly
Season changes, he does too..............
Now strolling around with his mouth of lies for pleasure, the well creativity tells how he rotates with his master plan, and the sequence leading to his cunningness.
He behaves as if he's 'dumb' but consider him a living threat in real life.
Lovers of poetry with this 40 piece that develop into a beautiful story from start to finish,then twenty other lyrical pieces to further enhance the beauty,come and acquire the true joy.

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