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Gay Pride

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New school. New crowd. No problem.

Grade-A student Adam Cranston has got all the essentials not just for fitting in, but also to impress: a wealthy family, a brain to match his looks, the body and skills befitting a gifted sportsman , not to mention a new BMW drophead coupe.

Unfortunately for the girls drooling over him, however, Adam is undeniably and totally GAY!

When he tries out for the school soccer team, he meets gorgeous and equally skilled Peter. To his delight, he finds out they have the same interests not only in sports but especially with their choice of partners! They quickly form a bond of friendship.

When Adam finds out that Peter is being terrorized by a school bully who threatens to do ghastly things to his little brother if he doesn’t submit to his every whim, Adam goes out of his way to help, and becomes Peter’s personal bodyguard.

With time, Their friendship grows into something deeper.

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