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The Hardcore Remedy

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WARNING! This story contains Gay Sex, Bareback Sex, and Orgies. If Gay Sex offends you, DO NOT read. Otherwise, enjoy!

Compassionate, Sympathetic, and Caring: That’s what makes Psychologist Tim Baxter popular among the boys he treats. After getting enough credibility for difficult cases, Tim's superior hands him down a case that will change his life forever...

Nursing young Cameron back to sanity to solve his impending case, Tim finds himself falling fast for the damaged young man. And to his delight, the feeling is mutual.

After years of living a happy and content life together, the possibility of a happy ending is at arms length. But just when everything has fallen into place, the past catches up with Tim and complicates his relationship with Cameron. The problem being in the form of J, an old patient of Tim who has fallen for him during the course of his treatment.

With a heart to help, Tim helps the young J find his balance with the help of Cameron.

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