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Relish Pretender

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After a weekend away from his villa, Charles notices that something is wrong! He walks in and finds Jamie, the friend of his neighbor's son, stealing a wad of cash from his stash.

Jamie had been into prison before and his experience there was a nightmare, so he readily agrees with Chas’ proposal for his punishment.

It comes as a surprise when Chas finds out the true reason for Jamie's visit, which isn't really to rob him blind! It is actually to confirm that Chas is GAY. But why does he have to?

Because Jamie wants Chas. Jamie’s act of robbery is just a ploy to get Chas to have sex with him... Or at least, lead him to do that.

Jamie stays with Chas for the entire summer as punishment for his little ploy and it is during this wonderful time that Chas begins to fall in love with this boy. And to his delight, Jamie feels the same way too.

The little island becomes a paradise for Chas and Jamie. But summer has to end and the challenge begins as Jamie returns home to attend school in a university.

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