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Officer Hostile

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22-year-old Tom Hudson was new in the police force. Stationed at a demolition site, he caught a young lad vandalizing one of the walls of the site. He’s the son of the new DA, Sander Mahan, and he’s a rebellious gay.

Sander pleaded Tom not to bring him to the precinct and offered to do anything in return. Tom was amused by all this, but said yes anyway. He saw Sander as such a gorgeous living creature making him so aroused.

Later on, they started seeing each other. Sander would rendezvous to Tom's apartment as often as he can. He then started to feel something more intimate towards Tom.

Sander's father found out about their secret affair and demanded a
word with Tom. His son in love with one of his officers. Will Mr. Mahan approve of their relationship?

Mr. Mahan loves and cares for Sander and has long term plans for his son. But for some reason, Sander wouldn’t cooperate. What will he do? Find out...

This story is also known as “Sander”

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