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Cupid’s Huge Arrow

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Alan has been Dale’s eye candy ever since they were little back in school. Dale calls him his “cherub”. Being a country boy and young at that time, Dale couldn’t figure out why he feels that way towards Alan.

They join the local Sea Cadet Corps and there, Dale gets a chance to get a view of Alan’s naked body. Together with Alan’s friend Trevor, the three of them strips off naked while cleaning the camp’s “glory hole” to avoid having their clothes greasy when they’re done. But stripping down also leads them to their first episode of sex, really.

Sex? Well, it’s more of jerking off the other. But that was a first for them and it was beyond paradise. Six years later, they cross paths again, Alan and Dale.

Dale’s fantasy turns to reality. They meet again and make love to each other. Tired and satisfied with the sex, they both dozed off.

As they wake up, Dale realizes his parents have come to check on him... in his room! With Alan! They’re both naked sleeping beside each other!

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