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Probation Plebe

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Troy has caught John’s eye since the day of his first training as a sea cadet. Young and beautiful, John couldn’t help himself lusting at this creature.

Being a senior, John can get through the trainees anytime he wants. He then learns that Troy comes from a poor family, getting a sailing scholarship in preparation for his future. John wants to help Troy, the boy he’s been dreaming of since the day he first saw him.

Troy owns John’s attention. John has helped him become the best sailor and Troy is grateful. Because of the care John has shown him, Troy slowly starts to fall in love with him...

Until one day, Troy asks John to be his lover. John couldn’t believe it! The boy of his dreams is asking him to be his lover? Really?

Of course, saying no would be the last thing John would ever do. But is Troy truly ready committing himself in a relationship with a man 20 years older than him?

Emotionally, maybe. But sexually...??

This story is also known as “Troy”

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