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Guarded Emotion

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Siddran is probably the most unloved kid in school. He lives in a trailer. His father is a drunkard and his mother is a whore and they both don’t care about him. What a poor boy.

Jake, on the other hand, is the school jock who bullies almost everyone in school, except Siddran. Nobody sits beside him in school because he looks trashy and he’s a bully. But Siddran has been nice to him ever since and doesn’t mind sitting beside him. This made them become close friends.

Jake invites Siddran for a dinner in his house. Sidd is surprised to see a big beautiful house. Nobody could ever suspect Jake lives in that house because he wears trashy second-hand clothes and drives an old car. But here it is, Jake’s mini mansion.

Sidd is welcomed by Jake’s parents. Dinner is superb and Sidd gives his compliments. Jake’s parents are happy to know that Jake has a friend and that this one friend is well-mannered. Sidd’s visit then becomes often.

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