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Atlantis Returns: Part 1: The Reawakening

709 pages11 hours


Past, present and future finally collide in this fascinating, action-packed, enlightening account of our long-forgotten ancient past catching up with its impending Earth-shattering future! Following annihilation of their own world after a cosmic collision between Triton and Pluto, which sent Venus spiralling into a near-Sun orbit, the Venusian's set up the Atlantis Empire on Earth. However, following genetic enhancement of humanity, the cosmopolitan harmony was catastrophically interrupted by invading Reptilian forces from the Red Dwarf Star system which passed by our solar system 70K years ago. This sparked a 30K Cold War, also ending in global destruction. Finally, the past catches up with the present and following an unexpected encounter between brothers and a Venusian in waters off the Welsh coast, a highly publicised series of astonishing events unravels, captured instantly by social media. Then humanity faces the fact it really is not alone in the Universe, let alone on Earth!

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