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Psychologically pressured by the criminal perpetrators he treats, Dr. William Bentz a forensic psychiatrist, succumbs to a dissociative identity disorder. Is this a classic case of a Dr. Jekyl or Mr. Hyde or an identity disorder gone astray as William Bentz journeys into a world of multiple personalities. Criminals who have preyed on their victims now become the hunted. Dr. Bentz slides into his dissociative world intent on restoring justice for the victims. But after a chance meeting with one of his patient's who was victimized by a sexual psychopath, William Bentz is brought back to reality and must consider the consequences of his dilemma. He begins a journey of self reflection when he learns the Federal Bureau of Corrections and Rehabilitation have already embarked on a much larger mission. The FBCR have hired a team of neurosurgeons to implement nanowiring as a corrective measure to rewire the brains of criminals.

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