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Author's Note

Take No Prisoners is the first story in the Love In Uniform series. If you enjoy this story please join my mailing list or visit my Facebook group for information on new releases.


Kelly just wants to kick back with her friends, have a couple of beers, and maybe ogle some eye candy. Okay, definitely ogle some eye candy. It’s just her luck to find her hot co-worker Mack lying in wait for her. Giving into six months temptation, she agrees to a weekend fling, determined to taste the forbidden just once.

Mack can’t believe his good fortune when a night out with friends leads him straight to Kelly. He’s had enough of being kept at arm’s length and has big plans for her. Starting with the complete submission of her body and soul.

AUTHOR NOTE: This is an 11,000 word short story that was previously published as my other penname, Loribelle Hunt.


Author's Note








Rules Of Engagement: Love In Uniform 2 (Excerpt)




The bar is much more low key than the nightclubs where I usually meet my friends. Tonight I’m grateful for that. I don’t feel like dancing or dealing with strobe lights and the occasional creep with wandering hands. This place is dim and there’s country music playing on a juke box. There’s a bar on one wall, booths on the opposite and tables in the middle. I see a roomful of pool tables through the archway in the back.

My friends Janey Foster and Layla Banks wave at me from the booth in the back corner. I make my way through the crowd nodding at a table of MPs as I pass. The bar looks to be mostly soldiers, which isn’t surprising since it’s right off post.

We ordered you a beer, Layla says when I slide into the booth next to her.


She’s grinning like she has a big secret. What’s going on?

Ask Janey.

Or don’t ask Janey, our friend says repressively.

Whatever is going on she obviously doesn’t want to talk about which makes me curious. I arch an eyebrow and wonder if I’m going to have to drag it out of her or if someone is going to fill me in. She sighs.

It’s no big deal. I saw Layla on a call today. Vandalism. The car’s owner asked me out is all.

You said no?

We’d all been lamenting our lack of a sex life just a couple days ago. Maybe the guy is a toad.

He is seriously hot, Kelly. Or not. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with her.

He’s an officer, Janey says darkly. And I’m not interested.

Layla laughs. Liar, liar. She leans close to me with a conspiratorial whisper. He’s here. He sent her a beer when we came in and she blushed about ten shades of red.

Isn’t that interesting? Is he an MP?

I’m guessing not. Layla and Janey are both MPs. Janey is a master sergeant like me, though I’m in CID, and Layla a staff sergeant. They’d never date an officer in their chain of command, and none of them would ask.

He’s air assault, Layla offers helpfully.

I’m not surprised Janey turned him down. She hasn’t had much luck with men and avoids anyone with dominant alpha tendencies. An infantry officer would probably make her pretty damned leery. She definitely doesn’t look happy about the direction of the conversation either. He got to her and I want to check this guy out.

Where is he? I ask.

Janey angles her chin towards the pool room. Far right. Jeans. Light blue shirt.

I twist around to check him out. He’s playing with two other guys. From here he does look