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Your Online Second Degree in Witchcraft - A Wiccan Themed Course



A Rite of Passage.
Second Degree book in Wiccan Witchcraft.
A Wiccan Themed Series

Book 12 of 12 in the Wiccan Witchcraft Series
In this lesson you will make some final considerations about what it means to have the equivalent knowledge and skills of a Second Degree Witch. You will then be given some pointers about how to go about designing a suitable rite to mark this important stage in your development. And you will also be considering the issue of setting up a coven.
Continuing on, this there is a research project for you to complete.
Finally, there is a blessing.

Would you like a Certificate of Completion for this course? BWC School of Witchcraft offers dedicated students, a Certification of Completion.
Wiccan Witchcraft - First Year
Wiccan Witchcraft - Second Year

Each student of BWC School of Witchcraft receives a registered and numbered Certificate of Completion.

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