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How to Turn Any Rising Thought Into an Orgasmic One: How to Let a Rising Thought Be More Effective, Efficient, Nurturing You With Pleasure: Soft & Effective Self-Help, #2

56 pages53 minutes


So you found a better feeling thought… What’s next?

Wouldn’t it be nice to milk it for more?

Wouldn’t it be flowing, from one good feeling thought to get to fly in beautiful alignment?

Wouldn’t it be sweet, to align easily, happily, in a delicious flow?

Wouldn’t it be benefiting you, to come to a higher frequency, while you’re enjoying the process?

Wouldn’t it be fun, to be aligning simply (but interestingly)?

The book will tell you how to do it, evoking in you some profound thinking, recognizing, realizing. Thoughts that will feel even better, and a vibration that is much higher, and a happiness ocean, flowing in you (or you basking in it).

See you in the book! :)

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