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My Amber Passion: A Steamy Regency Romance Novella

129 pages1 hour


Your life can change in the blink of an eye...

After the death of both of their parents, Amber Neuville is responsible for her small siblings. She sells off everything she can from Neuville Manor to support them all. To her immense relief, their uncle, Eduard Panelle, Comte St Jacques de Rasse, arrives to help them. 

Again Amber's life changes. Eduard takes her to London to be his hostess. Although she's aware that something in her situation isn't right, Amber ignores her instincts and trusts her uncle, at first. 

Eduard introduces Amber to the handsome and dashing Marquess of Allin. Allin frightens her, but he wins her confidence. Amber tastes passion.

When she realizes that her uncle has betrayed her in the most unconscionable way, how can Amber trust what she feels for Allin?

She has to make a choice. That choice -- the only choice -- will ruin her forever.

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