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Creamy Hucow Sluts - Part 3

Length: 36 pages37 minutes


For adults. All characters in this 10K-word+ novelette are consenting adults. This is part three of a red-hot steamy series. Features: Explicit sexual scenarios: BDSM, male and female willing, naughty slaves, spanking, bisexual female and male sex, lactation fantasy, simmering lust and desire, kinky TV and CD maids, adventurous and eager hucows, group action, anal examination and more!

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

As the dominatrices and Masters walked into the shower area, they decided to leave the men and hucows alone and to spend the entire week outside entertaining themselves all together. Amanda, Muriel and Dana wiped Andrew, Damon and Finley down with soft fluffy towels and the men returned the favour with them too. After getting dressed and asking permission from Mistress Spank if they could take the next few days off, the three sexy and naughty-minded hucows went into town with their new male lovers.

“Listen, I’ve been thinking,” Damon said, capturing everyone’s attention as they all sat down in a cafe. “I had a text earlier.”

“Is that all?” Andrew replied, sipping a cup of coffee. “I thought for a minute that you had some earth-shattering news or something for us, man.”

“Wait. I haven’t finished yet. No, not just an ordinary text,” Damon replied, filling them each with intrigue now. “My old uncle has passed away and I’m needed back home to sort matters out. He didn’t have much family so I’m responsible to deal with arranging the funeral and sorting out his estate and all that. I was made sole executor of his Will, so I have to go.”

Finley put his hand on his friend’s shoulder. “I’m so sorry mate. About your uncle I mean.”

“It’s fine. Everybody hated him but he got along with me. I’ll have to go. I’ll speak to you later when I know what’s what. You all have a fun time.”

“Ok, mate. No problem. Call or text me later and I’ll let you know where we are,” Andrew added, his eyes full of sympathy.

The five friends watched him, scrutinising his face. The room was full of customers. He drained his coffee cup dry and hurried outside, clutching his phone in his hand and checking the screen every few seconds.

Four hours’ later, Damon telephoned Andrew to let him know what was happening.

“You’re not going to believe this, mate. Sit down. Uncle Joe has only gone and left me millions!”

“Congratulations. That’s fast for solicitors to tell you that.”

“No. Uncle Joe left me a note in his house when we were going through his things. He always told me and reminded me over the years that if anything ever happened to him that I’m to look behind his wardrobe and there’s a note for me in a white envelope that I’m never to open until after he’s gone. I honestly thought it would tell me some juicy gossip about his life or members of our family. I never in a million years expected this!”

“Wow, I don’t quite know what to say, mate. How are you feeling? So sorry that he’s died. Two of mine passed away last year. I wasn’t that close to them but it’s always a sad occasion isn’t it? I remember you telling me about Joe ages ago. You said he had a strange sense of humour.”

“Oh he was a funny man. Eighty, and as grumpy as they come. He didn’t mince his words at all and rubbed people up the wrong way often. And on purpose too. He was a right mischievous man. He said what everyone was thinking you see and he was very sarcastic. No wonder people stayed out of his way. He often had hordes of women going there on and off over the years. He told me once about a bald woman with tattoos, very pretty but very strict with him too. She used to strap him to his bed and spank his backside, he told me, but I told him I didn’t want to know any more. He nearly wet himself laughing at my reaction but I mean he’s my uncle, you know?” Damon said, shuddering.

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