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Hell Raiser

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The town of Sinville would never be the same as soon as Leroy Brown moved in and had plans to make it his own. The town of Sinville was very peaceful and a great place to raise a family, but Leroy loved to drink and raise hell and only cared about one person, and that person was himself and didn’t care if anyone liked him or not.

Leroy stood 6 feet tall, very clean cut and a ladies’ man so he thought and always liked to observe his good looks in the mirror and say out loud, “That is one good looking man that any man would want to look like.” Leroy’s ego was like none other and it radiated whenever he entered a room. Yes, Leroy could get a woman but after they had a dose of his ego they were sending him on his way. Every now and then some women would tolerate his ego for a while just to get him to buy them a drink or jewelry, then dump him when they were through.

Every time Leroy was at a party, he was the center of attention with the ladies and if he saw a lady he took a liking to and her husband or boyfriend had anything to say about it, Leroy would ask them to step outside and beat them senseless. If fists weren’t enough, he would pull his gun out and shoot them dead. Leroy had an ice cold heart and a very short fuse.

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