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Hell Hounds

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In a little town called Linnville, it is said that a witch was burned at the stake deep in the woods and just before her body went up in flames she said, “Anyone that enters these woods will not leave alive mark my words!”

One of the town’s people said, “Burn, witch! Burn!”

Then everyone chanted, “Burn, witch! Burn!”

The witch went up in flames and the townspeople went back to their homes, thinking the witch was gone for good, but this witch was about to unleash the hell she promised beyond the smoldering ashes where her charred body lay.

As night set in and the townspeople were fast asleep and the time read 3 am on their clocks, which was known as the witching hour, that’s when things were unfolding deep in the woods.

A howling sound was gradually getting louder deep in the woods until some of the townspeople were unable to sleep and putting pillows over their heads didn’t help one bit. So they got their guns and torches and headed deep into the woods to investigate the howling sounds so they could go back to their homes and get a good night’s rest. They would soon find out they should have stayed in their homes and tough it out through the night and search in the morning but they were too angry and wanted the howling to stop and the choice they made would be fatal and wouldn’t have to worry about if they would get a good night sleep because the witch had a surprise waiting for them that was ready and waiting for the chance to seek vengeance for the dead witch.

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