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Zombie Squad

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The United States of America finally spread itself too thin, and the all mighty dollar that used to be the most valued became worthless. Other countries joined forces to bring it to its knees, just as they brought them to theirs but instead of dropping bombs they were experimenting with a new indestructible army force like none other. A Dictator by the name of Dr. Death from one of the countries that joined forces to destroy the United States developed an army of Zombies to be flown over the North, South, East, and West parts of the US and have thousands of Zombies parachute and land in every city destroying everything in sight.

Zombie squads were formed that marched into every city, killing everyone in sight and burned buildings to the ground. But the US wasn’t about to give up so easy, so they fought with all the power they had, but at a heavy cost of innocent lives, just like any war that has ever been fought on this earth.

The United States wasn’t prepared for this war on their soil by a long shot, because they were so used to seeing other countries destroy each other. The US even supplied arms to aid in their destruction, but one thing the US never thought would ever happen was an army of Zombies being on their soil.

All hell was breaking loose and panic was in every street. It wasn’t enough that the Zombie squad came in city by city, killing and burning, but just to make sure they were successful not one but four H bombs would be dropped simultaneously from the North, South, East and West of the United States.

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