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Planet of the Molers (Starship Perilous Adventure #3)

Length: 53 pages38 minutes


Blake Starwater is captain of the Starship Perilous. Traveling along with him are the frisky Felioness, Kitty, and the cynical robot, OMBot. Together they soar between the numerous Known Worlds, taking on the jobs that other space crews won't do. The risky jobs. The dangerous jobs. The sometimes less-than-legal jobs.

While Blake and the crew of the Perilous look to fill some of the vacant roles aboard the ship, they receive a job which sends them to a distant, mostly unexplored world. A vessel attempting to implement First Contact protocols with a newly-discovered species has gone silent. The fate of its crew is uncertain. Blake and the Perilous are tasked with finding the missing ship and its crew.

Will the job prove a cakewalk, or will there be a lot of running involved?

Blake Starwater and the Adventures of the Starship Perilous: Adventure #3.

Approximately 10,000 words.

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