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Adrift (Starship Perilous Adventure #5)

Length: 76 pages1 hour


Blake Starwater is captain of the Starship Perilous. Traveling along with him are the frisky Felioness, Kitty, and the cynical robot, OMBot. Together they soar between the numerous Known Worlds, taking on the jobs that other space crews won't do. The risky jobs. The dangerous jobs. The sometimes less-than-legal jobs.

After responding to a weak distress signal, the Perilous discovers another ship drifting without power in a distant star system. Complications arise as Blake and the crew attempt to determine what happened to the stranded ship and to those aboard. With no signs of life, who is sending the distress call?

Will the crew put the pieces together in time, or will they suffer the same fate as the derelict vessel?

Blake Starwater and the Adventures of the Starship Perilous: Adventure #5.

Approximately 16,500 words.

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