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The Earl's Slave Girl

Length: 93 pages1 hour


When Josephine Black, spinster companion to the Duke of Chambray's sister, meets the ton's most notorious rake, known only as the Earl, she is startled to find herself drawn to him. He is charismatic and delights in making her blush. The Earl does not shy away from his reputation as a debaucher, he embraces it. And when Josephine finds herself propositioned by the Earl to join his house of sin, she almost falls under his spell. But before she loses her good sense to the new sensations the Earl awakes in her, Josephine does what any proper lady should and rebukes him.

However, when scandal leaves Josephine without options, the Earl's sordid proposal comes back to haunt her. Seeing no other choice, makes her way the Earl's ancestral seat to offer herself to his house.

Within the Earl's estates, Josephine is given over to the tutelage of Mrs. Hutchinson and Mr. Stewart, two misleading servants tasked with exposing Josephine to the wicked aspects of life under the Earl's command. While under his roof, Josephine is subjected to experiences that are both taboo and titillating. However, the Earl one caveat: she cannot live under his roof permanently until she begs him to stay.

Will Josephine be able to embrace her new life and become a member of the Earl's harem?
23000+ words

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