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The Nanny Box Set

Length: 79 pages1 hour


The Nanny Box Set includes all FIVE books in the Nanny Series by Cami Ayers. Mallory Smith loves being a nanny and employed by Mr. Bartholomew. Sam is handsome and attractive and quickly seduces innocent, eighteen year old Mallory and takes her for the very first time. Mallory becomes even more excited about working for the Bartholomews and along with her normal duties, she services her boss on a regular basis. He often takes her fertile body hard and without protection and fills her in every way imaginable. Sometimes, she doesn’t follow the rules, and then her boss punishes her, just like a bad girl deserves!

After working for her employers for several months and seeing Sam through a divorce, Mallory is scheduled to leave for college soon. However, she hates the idea of leaving her boss and adorable Zoe all alone. When she starts getting sick in the mornings, it takes her a few days to realize that Mr. Bartholomew knocked her up! Now, her life will never be the same!

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