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Lover of Man

Length: 259 pages3 hours


Princess Philena of the Bram Clan lives in the heart of Renshaw Forest. As a raven shifter, she takes pride in the fact her Clan is one of the fastest, strongest and most feared in Osmussaar. Betrothed to Cain, a warrior raven, she is at odds with him over a female’s place within the Bram. Struggling with knowing she will be bound to a Life Mate where only lust is the driving emotion, not love, she questions her father’s choice for her. Philena is assigned the task to escort a new group of female ravens to attend the Summit of Warriors. Apprehensive at first, she’s not left Renshaw since her sister’s demise, nor has she walked among mortals in human form. The journey excites, but terrifies.

Sir Aedan, a Mortal Warrior, drifts from one land to the next fighting battles and drowning his sadness with mead and women. There’s no place in a warrior’s heart for love. He journeys to Sigrun Castle and vows loyalty to Lord Von. Though Lord Von is a noble leader, Aedan feels he may have stumbled into a foreign realm filled with madmen insisting that having a Raven Warrior on their shoulder is the highest honor from the god Odin. Then, there is the beautiful, tall, blonde maiden bumps into him and rejects his advances. Treading this new kingdom confuses, but excites him.

Can a strong-willed raven fulfill her destiny to protect her mortal warrior without revealing her true identity and not fall prey to a forbidden love of her man?

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