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Powder Mage Novella Collection #1

Length: 367 pages6 hours


Enter a new world or return to see old friends in four Powder Mage Universe novellas featuring Erika, Tamas, Adamat, Taniel, Ka-poel, and Ben Styke.


A dangerous game of cat and mouse between a powder mage and the mage-seekers of the Kez King.

Servant of the Crown

Tamas finds himself a pawn in a struggle between king and Privileged, while landing in the sites of a young noblewoman.

Murder at the Kinnen Hotel

Constable Adamat attempts to unwind a conspiracy and save a friend from the guillotine.

Ghosts of the Tristan Basin.

Taniel stalks the swamp of the Tristan Basin, fighting for Fatrastan freedom against the might of the Kez army.

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