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Across the River

Length: 302 pages5 hours


Set over one summer in the 1970’s, Across the River follows Fran’s emotional journey as her failure to conceive a baby makes her speculate on the future of her conventional middle class marriage. On holiday with husband Michael and friends Nicholas and Ivy, Fran encounters the secretive Foss, who is living elegantly in her dilapidated van, and Mars, who steps into her life like a Viking off a boat to seduce her. The six friends spend tranquil days by the nearby river, picnicking and drinking wine, but there are tensions under the surface. Fran begins to detach herself from her mundane London self and align herself with Foss, whose novel view of life seems simple and beautiful. She starts to take risks, and becomes obsessed with the reckless and disturbing attractions of Mars, but when Nicholas is almost lost in a boating accident things begin to unravel, and the sudden death of one of the group is the catalyst that will really change Fran.

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