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The Runaways

Length: 245 pages3 hours


Shelley and Colin were young and in love. Running away to find meaning in their lives, they never expected to crash land on a blue-water planet known as earth.
This is a story about damaged people and recovery. This is a story about earth and outer space. A young couple will seek a new life and adventure, only to be stranded on the earth planet during a time of war.
A young man, beaten and humiliated by his family, will rise to repair the offworld spacecraft and allow the young couple to return home.
During their travels, a young officer will be betrayed by his captain, simply for the sake of convenience. In some cases, absolute power does corrupt absolutely.
And a machine race will find new life and purpose after the harsh manipulations of one single human. The characters may sound familiar, but new possibilities offer a new direction.
Colin and Shelley’s two-week voyage will create a lifetime of memories. Written for all ages.

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