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Madeleine's Masterpiece

Length: 467 pages7 hours


Charlie Evans has the looks, money and more fame than he knows what to do with. He could get any part in any movie he desired...except Julia’s Love Affair, the story of a younger man falling in love with an older woman. Unfortunately, Gretchen Brockner, the writer of the coveted screenplay, doesn’t want Charlie in her movie. Everything about him repulses her, but Charlie is relentless. His insistence that he play the part of Danny Jensen gives Gretchen an idea. She challenges Charlie to publicly date an older woman and convince his fans that he’s fallen in love with her. If he succeeds, she’ll let him play Danny.

Charlie accepts the challenge, reluctantly at first. The thought of being with a woman who isn’t a model or starlet is unappealing. But once he starts dating Madeleine Mozart, a middle-aged single mother of two, he learns that charm, good looks and fame can’t take him to the one place he needs to go: her heart.

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