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Clash of Powers: The Colonist

Length: 170 pages2 hours


Clash of Powers – The Colonist
by ZaraSarafina
Zara is an astroscientist who dreams of going to the moon. As an activist she fights for human rights and speaks out against globalism and the totalitarian rule of the United Global Nations (UGN). The UGN has exploited fears of climate catastrophe caused by use of fossil fuels to establish a global dictatorship. All national sovereignties have been usurped, a 'Green Energy Plan' has been imposed as a front to control economies, and a composite religion is dictated over all aspects of society. The justice systems of nations are replaced with a strict and harsh body of laws. Because of her bold criticism of the UGN Zara is arrested, tried, and sentenced to death for "crimes against society". Her death sentence is commuted when she agrees to marry a man who needs her help to establish a Helium-3 mining colony on the moon.

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