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Astrology, Part 2. Year 2 in BWC School of Witchcraft.

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Astrology: Part Two

A Wiccan Themed Series

Book 8 of 12 in the Wiccan Witchcraft Series

Astrology is one of the fields of expertise that a Witch may choose to specialize in. Even for the non-specialist it still has a great importance as it underpins much magical theory and practice. By the end of this book, you will be able to construct and interpret a natal chart having done all the required calculations and placing of the planets.

In this lesson you will learn:
How to calculate the planets' positions,
how to work out the Aspects and understand their significance, and
how to go about interpreting a natal chart.

Following on from this there is a research project for you to complete. There are also further magical items for you to work on. Finally, there is a blessing.

This is part 2 or a two-part lesson, and has been divided into two lessons so as to give adequate time to digest the subject matter and learn to perform astrological calculations. Every witch should know the basics of Astrology and be competent enough in the subject to create a natal or birth chart.

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