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Alaska Wolff Pack: The true story of an Alaskan family, whose dreams came true in spite of fires, floods, shootings, and an airplane crash.

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Bob and Margaret Wolff celebrated their wedding anniversary six months after their marriage--in case they didn't make it a full year. However, they shared a thirty-one year honeymoon before Bob's tragic accidental death. Alaskan Wolff Pack is Bob and Margaret's story, and the story of the remarkable children, friends, and pets they accumulated along the way. The delights of living in the Alaska bush amidst four legged neighbors, the closeness of sharing a one room cabin in a forty square mile yard, and the adventures of gold mining and travel; could not be dimmed by fires, floods, crashes, or death. They mostly lived from hand to mouth, often without a dime in their pockets, occasionally their material possessions were little more than the clothes on their backs, and the tooth ferry could only leave an IOU note under the children’s pillows--but their real riches were abundantly awesome.

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