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The Star Witch: Columbyana, #3

376 pages6 hours


A prisoner in the emperor's palace, Isadora Fyne is forced to choose her own path. Protection or destruction? Light magic or dark? A powerful witch, she is weakened by her uncertainty. In caring for the pregnant empress, she practices protection, but the call to darkness is all around her. 

Lucan Hern has traveled from Tryfyn to the Columbyanan Palace to claim the prize he was promised long ago. The Star of Bacwyr. When he sees the stone sparkling on Isadora's finger, he pursues her. His plan is simple. He will seduce Isadora, she will give him the Star, and his quest will be complete. 

Isadora lost a husband, a deep love, to the Fyne Curse, and she has no desire to love again. Lucan is a persistent suitor, but she is able to resist his charms. Until the emperor orders her to spy on their guest. Until the emperor asks Isadora to take on the job of palace assassin… 

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