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The Moon Witch: The Fyne Witches, #2

383 pages9 hours


Kidnapped by the emperor's soldiers, Juliet Fyne and her sister, Isadora, begin the long journey to Arthes. They do not know Sophie's fate, nor can they be sure of their own. 

Long before they reach the emperor, Juliet is kidnapped by a large, brutish man who insists that she is his. His mate, the woman who will be his wife. Juliet has no intentions of being any man's wife. Her psychic abilities are triggered by touch, and she cannot imagine being intimate with a man. 

Ryn has waited a long time to claim his bride, and he is willing to be patient with Juliet as they travel to The City, home to the Anwyn shifters. But before they arrive, he suspects that his bride-to-be has secrets of her own, secrets that could destroy his simple dreams. 

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