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The Making of a Demon
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Blissfully happy in a city of unending love, Kamíl has never even heard the word. But when some new ideas sweep the land -- ideas introduced by her linkmate -- she suddenly finds herself in a no-win situation. Head spinning, heart aching, she must decide whether to turn her back on the creator she loves or on the elder brother she adores.

Have you ever wondered how angels nurtured in an atmosphere of perfect love could learn to hate? How those created for everlasting joy could choose carnage? Maybe their destiny changed in the same way that ours does -- one choice at a time.

Published: Della Loredo on
ISBN: 9781536526189
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    The Making of a Demon - Della Loredo

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    Author’s Note

    This novella is a prequel to The Race Trilogy—where, as Gabriel suspects in the Epilogue, we do see more of Juan Misi’s descendants—and is set in the same allegorical world. As with parables in general, this different viewpoint allows us to see God’s truth from a new perspective, perhaps one that’s more easily grasped by our finite understanding. However, parables are merely representations of truth—not truth itself. Consequently, they will always have limits beyond which they no longer represent the eternal God and His universe.

    In this book, you’ll see evidence of this problem most often in the physical properties assigned to supernatural beings. For example, to create a cohesive story within this allegorical world, I found it necessary to invent societal constructs for the angelic representatives and to portray the Holy Spirit as a woman. These notions have no biblical basis and should not be used to support nonbiblical theories. They’re simply literary devices that allowed me to represent supernatural, even infinite, beings using finite characters.

    The bottom line? Please be sure to compare any ideas or insights this story may inspire to the only true Word of Inspiration, the Bible. To make such research easier, I’ve included a list of biblical references mentioned in this book, as well as links to some excellent Bible studies, on my website (

    A quick word about foreign languages. I do use a few Paradisian and Rarámuri words in this book. Rarámuri (also called Tarahumara) is a real language spoken by the very real tribe of Native Americans of the same name in northern Mexico. However, Paradisian is a language of my own creation—it’s spoken by the inhabitants of the fictional Paradise Island. If you’d like to learn more about it, you can find lots of stuff about it on my website (

    Cast of Characters

    (Most Paradisian names evolved over time, yielding modern equivalents that English speakers may find easier to use. For the purist, the original Paradisian pronunciation of each name is included in parentheses.)

    Debora Deón (day-BORE-ah day-OWN): queen of Paradise Island

    Doúg Deón (doe-OOG day-OWN): king of Paradise Island

    Erol Lok (EH-roll loke): Garike's brother; professor of astronomy 

    Felíp Lanáj (fay-LEEP lah-NAHZH): Kamíl's brother; structural engineer

    Gabriel Lanáj (gah-BREE-ale lah-NAHZH): Lustanli's twin; second co-commander of the Paradisian army and secondary covering cherub; nickname: Gabu (GAH-boo)

    Garike Lok (gah-REE-kay loke): Lok family's elder brother; Lustanli's close friend; university dean and professor of physics and anatomy; nickname: Riku (REE-koo)

    Jané Lanáj (zhah-NAY lah-NAHZH): Kamíl's sister and architectural business partner; accomplished animal trainer

    Joshua Deón (joe-SHOO-ah day-OWN): crown prince of Paradise Island

    Kamíl Lanáj (kah-MEEL lah-NAHZH): Lustanli's sister and linkmate; artist and architect; nickname: Kami (KAH-mee)  

    Lanse Meshón (LAHN-say may-SHONE): Meshón family's elder brother; friend and lieutenant to Lustanli and Gabriel

    Lustanli Lanáj (loo-STAN-lee lah-NAHZH): Lanáj family's elder brother and Kamíl's linkmate; first co-commander of the Paradisian army and prime covering cherub; nickname: Lusu (LOO-soo)

    Meri Meshón (MAY-ree may-SHONE): Lanse's sister; Paradise Island's chief recording officer

    Morís (moe-REES): professor of physiology

    Rubén Lanáj (roo-BANE lah-NAHZH): Kamíl's brother; electronic engineer and prolific inventor

    Serji Meshón (SAIR-zhee may-SHONE): a ranking officer in the Paradisian army; Lanse's brother

    Sherís Lok (shay-REES): the Lok family's only sister; professor of cultural and behavioral studies

    Uji (OO-zhee): Jané's pet dolphin

    Uri (OO-ree): division commander (the Division of Workmen) in the Paradisian Army of Public Works

    Viktor Lok (VEEK-tor loke): Garike's brother; professor of zoology


    I leaned over the bench to survey the new arrival with keen interest. He appeared to be young—in his late teens or early twenties by human standards. Yet even now, with his face relaxed in sleep, lines of confidence and determination marked him as a man of purpose.

    Who will he become? I wondered. What great work will he do?

    Humans who visited this place almost invariably became key players in the war. However, Crown Prince Joshua Deón had told me little of this particular visitor except that he was running the 6,000-mile footrace that my king, Doúg Deón, used to prepare new citizens for life on Paradise Island.

    Touching him lightly on the shoulder, I murmured, Juan?

    His eyes fluttered open—and then he immediately sprang up, whipped out a long hunting knife, and brandished it at me. "What do you want, Dangerous Bull?

    Poor lad. Apparently he’d met my mirror twin, Stanley Moden. I had to admit, that was certainly an apt description of my brother.

    I’m not Dangerous Bull, I said gently, likewise speaking in Rarámuri, the indigenous language of northern Mexico that was Juan’s native tongue. I’m his twin brother, Gabriel—General Gabriel Lanáj. I stand at King Doúg’s right hand and am the commander of his army.

    Juan’s ebony eyes narrowed. You’re King Doúg’s general?

    Yes. Hoping to offer him some physical evidence, I added, Did you see Dangerous Bull's chest?

    At his wary nod, I removed the red shirt that was part of my casual uniform. I watched his eyes go first to the birthmark on my left chest; my brother’s matching birthmark sat on his right. Next he surveyed my unmarked left shoulder and then his gaze slid to my right forearm, also unmarked; my brother carried prominent scars at these locations. The lad seemed observant, having noted well my brother’s identifying features.

    Relaxing his offensive stance, Juan sheathed his knife. I’m pleased to meet you, Gabriel, and I do beg your pardon. Joshua has mentioned you. A wry smile touched his lips. Although he didn’t mention that you were Dangerous Bull's twin brother.

    I acknowledged his legitimate confusion with a chuckle.

    Where am I? His intelligent gaze swept the otherwise empty balcony.

    You’re in the Forecaster’s Suite on Paradise Island.

    Forecasters? he exclaimed. Although some humans regarded forecasters as tricksters or lunatics, Doúg’s runners rightfully held them in high esteem. I often got this incredulous reaction when a runner realized he or she had been selected for that role.

    Yes. Would you like to see? I moved to the railing that looked down onto the Observation Room. There forecasters from across the centuries, each garbed according to their particular time and culture, watched the proceedings in the War Room. Pointing, I said, There’s Daniel and John the Revelator.

    Juan sucked in an awed breath.

    I nodded in the other direction. That’s Huldah sitting there. Oh, and there’s Ezekiel—

    This is impossible! Juan said. It must be a dream.

    A vision would be the more accurate term. You’ll find that you remember everything quite clearly when you awake.

    Juan surveyed the Observation Room for a few moments and then asked, Why am I here, Gabriel?

    I turned to face him. King Doúg loves your people greatly, Juan. He says, ‘Who will go for me? Who will tell these, my children, of my love for them?’

    Juan’s athletic frame straightened, and he lifted his chin. I will go! he said at once. Send me, Gabriel. I will do it.

    Are you sure, Juan? It won’t be easy.

    I am sure. When Dangerous Bull tried to kill me, Joshua saved me with his own blood. I will gratefully do anything the Deón family asks of me.

    I liked this young man more by the minute. Humans often placed limitations on that statement—I’ll do anything they ask of me except ... or I’ll do anything they ask of me as long as it doesn’t interfere with ... But Juan was all in. He was exactly the sort of ambassador the Deón loved to bless.

    There was just one problem.

    Anything? I said softly and cast a meaningful glance at his knife. Joshua had been trying to convince him to surrender it, for it had become far too important to him—a symbol of strength and self-sufficiency. Experience had taught me that such symbols, whatever form they took, were extremely difficult for individuals living in sin to relinquish.

    Juan’s gaze fell to the knife, and I could almost see the battle in his soul. He was refreshingly transparent for a human adult, undoubtedly one of the reasons Joshua loved him so. I could easily see pride edge its wily self right into his thoughts.

    With his hand resting on the pommel of his knife, Juan said, "With this knife I fought Dangerous Bull. And I cut him," he added fiercely, smugly, as he drew a finger over his left cheekbone.

    My eyes widened in horror. If Juan had marked my brother’s face, Stan’s vanity would never allow him to forget the insult, much less forgive it.

    Juan seemed to interpret my expression as one of awe. Yes, I did, he said triumphantly. He grinned as he patted the richly decorated sheath. 

    Then you have won for yourself an unprecedented measure of Dangerous Bull's vengeance, I said gravely. For the rest of your life.

    Juan’s grin disappeared.

    It was not my place to contend with fallen mankind. I could claim neither Prince Joshua’s personal experience in human skin nor the Deón’s intimate knowledge of their hearts. But I could carry out the task I’d been given, and I now understood that the story Doúg had asked me to present—my own sister’s rebellion—should have special meaning to Juan.

    Moving down the hallway, I ushered him into a small auditorium. "King Doúg asked me to show you some recordings"


    I'd expected Juan, who had come to the Forecasters’ Suite from the nineteenth century, to find this confusing. His people probably didn't even know about photographs yet, so our holographic recordings would be wholly unfamiliar to him.

    You can think of them as a type of visual storytelling, I suggested. As a storyteller yourself, you know the value of history. That’s why we developed a method of documenting events as they occur using a special type of crystal. Every moment of every individual's life is recorded. And, since the crystals leave evidence of tampering, these records are irrefutably accurate.

    Excitement sparked in Juan's eyes. Incredible! What history will I see?

    King Doúg has asked me to show you how the Great War began—the war that Dangerous Bull is, even now, waging against him. This knowledge will help you present a clearer picture of Doúg’s character to your people.

    I will see how the war began? Juan asked with obvious wonderment.  

    "Yes. You’ll see it from the perspective of two individuals, my sister and myself. Unfortunately, my yushún has been front and center throughout the conflict."


    It’s the type of family we have here on Paradise Island. The royal family fashions an elder brother from clay and then uses grafts from him to form siblings. We’re very close to all our siblings since we live together throughout our lives, but sometimes the Deón create siblings with even stronger bonds. Usually that takes the form of identical twins, like Stan and me—or Dangerous Bull, as you call him. On rare occasions, they create a linkmate for the elder brother, a sister with whom he shares a special sense that connects them in a unique way. Stan also has a linkmate—the only time Doúg has given an elder brother both a twin and a linkmate. His linkmate rebelled with him. Her name is Kamíl.

    Juan’s eyes narrowed, and his hand went reflexively to his knife.

    I see you’ve met my sister too. 

    She’s beautiful, he said tightly. Like a stealthy mountain lion.

    I chuckled. Another apt description. The recordings I’ll show you will document her story. She and I both had a very deep connection with our elder brother, and we were both appalled when he first began to question the father we loved so dearly—King Doúg. Yet we chose different sides in the conflict.

    Juan nodded. Thank you, Gabriel. You’re very kind to share this with me. I’m sure it won’t be easy.

    You’re welcome, Juan. I escorted him to a seat in the front and inserted the first crystal drive into the computer beside my chair. A beach instantly appeared before us.

    Juan cried out in surprise and jerked his feet out of the water swirling below our chairs. In truth, the image was so real that even I, though accustomed to viewing these records, still imagined I could feel the spray of crashing waves.

    It’s called a hologram, I explained. Because it looks so real, it will help us experience the events from the perspective of the person whose story is being documented. We’ll also hear that individual’s thoughts, which will include their consciousness of sounds, feelings, and so forth.

    So I will relive the events as if in that person’s sandals?

    Very nearly so, I said. Are you ready to begin?

    Juan reached down and dipped his hand into the ocean wave lapping at his feet. When his fingers passed through the water and came up dry, a wide grin split his face. He settled back into the chair and declared, Ready!

    1: Recording #1.3350.007 (Earth-epoch 1. Year 3,350. Day 007)

    Kamíl Lanáj

    Kamíl giggled expectantly as her brother pawed the sand with his foot and lowered his head, snorting dramatically. When he charged, intending to catch her on his shoulder, she sidestepped him at the last moment and sprang onto his back. Lustanli laughed in surprise, but continued speeding down the beach.

    Faster! she urged