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In Hemingway's Room

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"There is no one thing that is true. It's all true." ~Ernest Hemingway

That Ernest Hemingway was a giant of American Literature is without question, but he was also a grand adventurer who believed he must go out and live life to the fullest before he could write about it. And where he liked to base his adventures in and from was his favorite hotels around the world. Hemingway picked his favorite carefully in that he wanted them right in the centre of what made the cities great, while also affording him the quiet and solitude he needed to write. It was in hotels that Ernest Hemingway did some of his best and most famous writing.

In Hemingway's Room is not a literary overview of Hemingway's work nor is it a definitive biographical study, it is a collection of stories about one of the most adventurous hotel lovers the world has ever known gathered by a fellow hotel lover who could never get enough of Hemingway hotel stories when he heard them.

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