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Exile: Ghost Academy (YA paranormal adventure, book 4): Ghost Academy (YA paranormal adventure series)

Length: 206 pages3 hours


Life changing decisions for the Academy students, a shocking discovery at the Deviants and a portal meltdown that threatens the very future of Ghost Academy. 

Exile, book four in this exciting YA paranormal adventure is full of mystery and resolutions as the four students, Lauren, Charlie, Alex and Esmee learn their fate. Will everyone survive as ghosts? 

Lauren discovers who killed her, the Academy decides whether Lauren and Charlie have a future as ghosts, and a revelation at the Deviants changes things forever. 

The Academy also faces a dangerous portal malfunction that threatens the future of their work and students and teachers must come together or face destruction. 

Follow the students on one final adventure and see if they will make it to graduation or whether their time as ghosts has come to an end. 

Ghost Academy series categories: 

- Teen and YA Fantasy Series 
- Paranormal Books for Teens and Young Adults 
- Teen and YA paranormal and Fantasy Book 
- Coming of Age Series 
- Magic School Series 
- Young Adult paranormal and Fantasy Book 
- Teen and YA Romance Ghosts

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