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The Education Code of Confucius

With the support of more than 120 aphorisms of Confucius is shown, in the present work, the current validity of the code or educational model of the wise, Maestro and Chinese philosopher, in margin of the technological advances in a world dominated by globalization. It is precisely in the framework of this is where is more palpable the need of applying these ideas to avoid the simplistic utilitarianism that tends to characterize the educational systems in force.

Educate integral man for the different facets of life, is what advocated by the ideas of Confucius, in addition to which all human beings have equal access to education, regardless of their race, economic status or social rank.

Provide the due independence to education in the current conditions, when is totally subordinated to the policy and its swings, sometimes chaotic and disorderly, is a goal or dream that for many might seem a utopia, but that nevertheless constitutes a need.

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