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Quickfic Anthology 1: Shorter-Short Speculative Fiction

Length: 276 pages4 hours


Quickfic Anthology 1 from

44 speculative fiction shorter-short stories in horror, fantasy, and science fiction. Top fiction authors present stories that grab you in 3,499 words or less. A delicious box of literary chocolate for your reading enjoyment.

Includes stories from: Aeryn Rudel, Alex Shvartsman, Brian Justus, Brian K. Lowe, Brian Trent, Christine Clukey Reece, Dan Campbell, David Steffen, David Wiley, Desmond Warzel, Diane Arrelle, E.J. Shumak, Elliotte Rusty Harold, Erica Ruppert, Erik B. Scott, Evan Dicken, Ezekiel James Boston, Gary Cuba, Gregg Chamberlain, Holly Schofield, J.J. Steinfeld, J.S. Rogers, Jay Werkheiser, Julia Watson, Kevin Ikenberry, Leigh Saunders, Liam Hogan, Lou Antonelli, Martin L. Shoemaker, R.L. Robinson, Rebecca Hodgkins, Robert Dawson, Rose Blackthorn, Rosemary Claire Smith, S. Kay Nash, Stephen Sottong, and Suzie Lockhart

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