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Murder for Millions

Length: 435 pages4 hours


Detective Tony Cicero and veteran detective Frank Conway thought the last thing they would be involved in was one of the biggest serial killer cases in years.

In 2004, a psychotic serial killer hit Sugar Land, Texas, murdering five members of the Clark family. They were well-known, very wealthy, and enjoyed all the benefits that came with it. One day, a serial killer entered their home, brutally killing Mr. and Mrs. Clark, as well as all three children. Unfortunately, that was only the beginning of the serial killer’s reign.

In 2005, the McCoy family from the wealthy part of Manhattan returned home from Christmas morning mass. Inside their extravagant home, a serial killer waited to give them the surprise of their lives. The killer struck again, leaving the family of four dead in their home.

In 2007, Hollywood superstar Bella Cassidy was found hanged inside of her bathroom. She was brutally beaten. The serial killer had struck again.

Detectives Cicero and Conway worked day and night looking for the serial killer. Finally, in 2008, the serial killer was found, arrested, put on trial, convicted, and given a life sentence.

The detectives got a horrifying surprise the next year. In 2009, the White couple from New Jersey was found dead. They had driven their luxury, brand new cars home from a car dealership, looking forward to a tennis match in the backyard their mansion. They never made it to their match; they were burnt alive in their home.

Across the country, the murders continued, even though the perpetrator was sitting behind bars. Cicero and Conway now knew the murders were not going to stop. Rich people all over the country were being killed. The detectives would need help from other state law enforcement and the FBI to find who they thought could be a copycat killer.  Nicknamed the Millionaire Murderer, the killer was still on the loose and not done with the rich people the killer wanted dead.

Murder for Millions is an exciting murder/mystery/psychological/thriller story. The book follows a killer through many states, reaping havoc on wealthy people with no stop in sight. Tony Cicero and Frank Conway were going to find this killer no matter what. They thought they had him, but they were wrong; it was only the beginning. The killer was not done with the undeserving wealthy people.

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