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Sweet Orchids Resort One: Twins!

Length: 50 pages45 minutes


Gorgeous and naive identical twins Kelly and Kimberly need money, plus they’d really like to get out of their home town’s slush and snow, One cold and windy afternoon they answer an ad in their school’s newspaper.

Before the girls quite realize what they’ve gotten themselves into, they’re on a jet headed to a remote island resort for seven very full days of brilliant tropical sunshine, seven twinkling starry nights, and a whole week of steamy, non-stop sex with any guy who wants them, and any way he feels like taking them – individually or together, for a quick bang or all night long, in private or right tere in front of everybody who wants to watch, or even join in.

Before their one week tour of duty is up the girls will screw dozens of guys, quite a few girls, and even – to their surprise – each other!

Follow along as the girls have a jolly romp while they discover they’ve grown up way more sheltered than they realized, and that a whole new and wonderful world of fun waits for them. Plus, of course, all that money when they get home.

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